pic2Marble has been the choice for floor and well tiles for thousand of years. It was chosen for it’s cooling benefits and it’s elegant rich look. Since marble is natural material, there will not be a set pattern and the color will be varied. Just think about the unique and awesome layout potential you will have.

Natural beauty coming from history…The unique beauty that immortalizes the architecture of many civilizations and reflects them without any corruption till today. The most common building stone that man has never given up for ages.

warehouseNatural stone is affordable…
Newer innovations give rise to more varied applications everyday. The fact that natural stone is so affordable today makes it popular with homeowners and increasingly in commercial applications. Marble floors are in use at nearly every new airport, and in the facade and flooring of new buildings and commercial centers today. Most well known hotels also use granite, marble and other natural stones. Civic authorities, recognizing its aesthetic appeal, affordability and durability are beginning to use marble in public places like parks and as bases to streetlamps. Some sidewalks are now also constructed with natural stone.